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:P I have decided to release my major coding modification mod as a DEMO version.All you have to do is to make sure CJ's on foot and press SIT DOWN + Look behind button at the same times.The menu will open and here's you can choose one of the following feature

Save the game: This will show a nice save screen where you can save your game

All interiors unlocked: This will reenable all the interiors which was meant to be locked by the game after you completed some missions.This include the Crack Den,the Strip Club.Please note that the game still (and will) lock them up just like they used to and you'll have to choose this option many times.

Play a mission: Enable you to choose any mission you want and play them.For copyright issues the mission order is now different(to avoid being the same as All Mission Access Mod)

DEMO link

Since I can't play GTA SA anymore I need you guy to test the mod's out for me.Also,...

You can see several other features like Spawn a car,Pass a mission,Change CJ's setting,etc...This is UNCOMPLETED and choose it would crash the game.I will try to complete them as soon as I can.The project is created IN MY FREE TIMES



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keep up the good work

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Great mod, hope you finished mod faster! ;)
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As I mentioned before,I can't play GTA SA to test my mod at all.So I'll need a tester

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